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In case you let your sex life be boring, then you and your spouse will go apart sooner than you might think. You should not allow all this to be so full of misery, so take things into your hands and decide what you can and want to do. Ask your wife or husband what would they like, maybe bondage is not their thing, but they have nothing against having someone new in their bed every other month. Swinging is a great way to spice things a little up, but don't do it in the city where you live. Travel a couple hundred kilometers to the nearest big city to yours, meet the couple there, have a wonderful weekend full of fun and then get back to where you live.

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What else can you do?

Maybe the whole 'new couple' thing might be too much for you both, so you should start with just one person. One of you two must be a little more open minded, so choose a person of the same sex as the open minded spouse is. It will be fun for sure and at last you can all sit down, have a good talk, do some fun and go apart.

The park offers a great place for cruising, which might be the thing you two would enjoy. You can seek for someone together that might help you get you sex life to where it was. Maybe you can even try to incorporate a younger couple into your swingers’ thing. They might give you a taste of what it was earlier and remind you that it is worth all the trouble.

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At the end it is you two that need to live together for the rest of your days, so figure out something that you both are comfortable with. Try it and if it is not the thing just go away and try something else, be safe and be smart about whom, how and where you meet.