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Special places to meet swingers

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If you and your spouse have decided whether you want to join the swingers’ game, then you should start going a step further and actually meeting someone. The first thing you need to do is to decide with whom and how many other people you want to meet. The best choice for beginners is to just take one more person. So if you are the husband and if it was your idea, then it should be a man, just to make your wife feel better. But in case she is the open minded one and she doesn't mind having a women down there, then you should be looking for a woman.

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Where to go?

Swinging is something the society doesn't want to see, even though many people do it and it doesn't actually bring any harm. However, you will need to keep your thing to you and share it only with those that can understand it. Therefore you might expect that there won't be any special swingers’ places in the city. But every larger town will have at least one or two clubs dedicated just to couples who want to meet someone.


First of all, you will find out that the easiest way to meet other swingers is the internet. Some people even use newspapers and put advertisements in there. Craigslist is also a good place to do so, but the rule for online hookups is to first meet somewhere where you can easily go away. Your safety is also on the first place so make sure to check yourself and ask the same of your swingers’ couple. At the end you will need to have a place for you all and to arrange things, maybe you will enjoy getting apart and spending a weekend with each other's partner. Everything is up to you, so don't let anyone make rules for you.